Using Socket Enables Reduction of Replacement Cost

Using E39/E40 socket enables anyone to install and replace it quickly and easily, thus reduces replacement and maintenance costs.

Maximization of Lifespan

LED chip temperature is lowered by applying NIA iceLED heatsink. 221 Fahrenheit (105 C), 10,000 hour redundant electrolytic capacitors are used to resolve the problem of capacitor failure, and to substantially increase the product lifespan.

High Mounted Recessed Light

Can be installed in existing Guide Frame (Hole size: 345 - 355) and used as embedded recessed light.

Embedded Protection Circuit

Automatic power shut down and return circuits are added using a sensor switch which turns off power In case of a fire, abnormal temperatures, over current or over voltage, minimizing the risk of secondary fire and self damage to the product.

Ultra Small & Light Simplifies Installation, Increase Safety

NIA iceLED heatsink reduces LED chip temperature and product weight under 3.8 lb(1.7 kg), moment under 2.03Nm, simplifing installation and increasing safety.